COB LED Strip,12V/24V, IP20-IP65, RGB, CCT, waterproof, flexible, is a new type of light strip with high lumen, high CRI, uniform brightness and no glare, suitable for indoor and outdoor places.

What is COB led strip light?

COB led strip light is a new design led strip light. For flexible strip light, another name is FCOB led strip light.

It is the chips on FPCB.So it doesn't need the SMT process.

It is dotless, very good for led linear light, led aluminum profile using.

How to find COB led light strip manufacturer from China?

Looking for COB led strip light manufacturer from China?

Ledway is one of the best COB led light strip factory from China. We can offer 3000k/4000k/6000k COB strip light. And we can offer OEM/ODM service. Welcome sourcing from us.

COB led strip light product detail:

COB led strip light is flexible, lighting angle is 160°, could be used on any surface need dotless version.




Waterproof COB led strip light

More selection IP20, IP65, IP67.


How to install the COB led strip light? (step by step)

1, Clean the installation surface first.

2, Cut the size of the strip.

3, Tear the gum backing of the strip.

4, Paste it to install.

5, Connect the power supply with strip .

6, DIY the length by the connector.


COB led strip light applications:


2,Furniture & wine cabinet

3,Holtel renovation

4,KTV & KTV bar


6,shopping mall

More details please get back to us at your earlies if you are interested in!