Conpany profile

Uben Lighting Technology established as a professional LED lighting products one-stop service platform. After years of development and integration of LED lighting industry chain, we have established long-term stable and sustainable cooperation with related LED lighting lead manufacturers,and are committed to providing superior products with reliable quality and suitable price. Uben Lighting first priority is QUALITY!. During the period since the Uben Lighting was formed, quality & standards as been at the forefront of our strategy, with the aim of delivering world class products and service to the globel lighting markets.


Product range: We offer all products cover almost all led lighting fixtures, featured electrical and electronic equipment, and hardwares. With following advantages, complete lighting categories, perfect functions, reliable quality, etc. Efficency: Based on our more than 10 years of experience in the LED lighting industry, as well as the solid partnership we have established with our suppliers. We can recommend the right products and solutions to you in the fastest time.One day for rugular stander product,2-3 days for customized product or solution. Fast delivery time: normally 3-5 days for sample order, and 15-20 working days for bulk order. Customization: providing one-stop brand customization services, including logo laser, color box design, custom labels and instructions

Manufactureing capacity:

We have professional production lines and testing equipment, strictly control the quality of the production process, as well as professional finished product sampling, to ensure that the product excellent rate of more than 99.5%. Our production equipment includes SMT lines, die casting production lines, assembly production lines, testing equipment including integrating sphere photometer, IES test darkroom, surge generation equipment, voltage detector and so on.

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